Have You thought About Adoption?

It’s real. Although you would like to ignore it, your unplanned pregnancy is real. Most likely, you are weighing your options. Adoption is one you may not have considered, but it could be the best choice for you and the future of your child.

The Adoption Process

There are many different ways to be a mother. Every year, many new moms choose to make an adoption plan for their child. Sometimes, moms choose this because they feel they are not in a position to parent because of finances, life situation, or age. Other moms choose this simply because they are not yet ready to parent. Whatever the reason, choosing to make an adoption plan is a respected and beautiful choice. You can read stories from other moms who chose to make an adoption plan by clicking here.

With adoption, the birth mother (and partner, if available) makes an adoption plan for their child. A birth mother can choose an independent adoption where she places her baby with friends, relatives, or someone else she already knows. The advantage is placing your child with a familiar person. However, adoption laws differ from state to state, so it’s important to have an adoption attorney or someone else who is knowledgeable about the law assisting you. Some states do not allow independent adoptions.

When a birth mother chooses to work with an adoption agency, it is the agency’s responsibility to find prospective adoptive families and handle all legal requirements. This service is offered to you free of charge and often there is additional financial and peer support available to you during pregnancy and the adoption process. Currently, more families are waiting to adopt newborns than the number of infants available. As a result, you will have many couples to choose from.

Whether your plan involves an independent or agency adoption, choose what feels best to you.

Choosing The Family

As the birth mother, you choose the adoptive family and determine the environment and lifestyle you want for your child. If you decide to work with an agency, the families who apply to adopt go through a rigorous review process. They have completed background checks, including criminal and abuse records. They fill out a lengthy questionnaire about their home life, hobbies, religion, and more. Plus, they create a family portfolio. By the end of the process, you will have enough information about each adoptive family to make a confident choice.

Today, most adoptions are called “open adoptions.” With this type of adoption, you have regular contact with the adoptive family. After choosing them and placing your child with them, you exchange full names, phone numbers, email addresses, and any other identifying information you want to share. You and the adoptive family agree on the type of relationship you wish to have. Often, the birth mother and her partner become an extension of the adoptive family, sharing photos and important events.

There is also the option to have the agency choose a family for you. Perhaps you don’t want contact with the adoptive family or your child at this time. It is perfectly acceptable to remain anonymous.

Is An Adoption Plan Right For You?

Only by discussing this option thoroughly can you determine if adoption is the right choice for you. We are here to talk about this important option. Come to the Pregnancy Resource Center and feel free to ask questions. We can refer you to adoption agencies or an attorney where you can learn more about the process of adoption.