If your partner has just announced an unplanned pregnancy, you may be at a loss for words. Here, at the Pregnancy Resource Center, we aren’t at a loss for a few suggestions on how to handle the situation.

What To Do

  • Make sure your partner has taken a reliable pregnancy test. Even an at-home test has the possibility of giving a false negative. We offer free and confidential pregnancy testing.
  • If the test is positive, the next step is to schedule a free and confidential ultrasound. Not only will you learn if the pregnancy is viable, but you will also find out the gestational age.
  • What to do about an unplanned pregnancy is a significant decision and one you need to make together. No one should have to choose alone. Listen to each other.
  • Gather the facts about abortion procedures, choosing an adoption plan, or the possibility of parenting. You have options. We can help you be informed.

Fatherhood Coaching

If the two of you decide to co-parent, remember fathers matter. Research shows that a child who has an active father figure in his or her life has higher levels of self-esteem, higher educational achievement, better cognitive development, and better social interactions.

Meet father-to-father to talk about real issues and get real solutions that help you be the best father you can be. Whether you are a new or experienced father, it helps to have a dad on call. Contact us to get support today.