by Caitlin Hunt

Healthy Relationship Ideals

I have always loved watching fun, entertaining movies and TV shows.  As a little girl, I loved watching fairy tales where the dashing prince saved the princess. As a teenager, I was one of hundreds of giddy girls packing movie theaters to watch the latest teen romance. These movies helped develop my imagination and craft what kind of life I hoped to live someday. Meanwhile, my ideals about relationships were also being shaped.  To sum up, Hollywood gave me over-romanticized and oversimplified ideals about what relationships should like like.   Because of this, I faced many challenges in establishing healthy, authentic relationships.  

Relationship Challenges

Throughout life, I have faced the challenges of trying to fit into my surroundings and longing for acceptance from others.  My fear of loneliness was huge, and I often strayed from my  ideals about relationships.  Because of this, I often accepted unhealthy relationships where others would push me around or lead me to participate in activities that did not align with my beliefs. Consequently, there wasn’t much happiness or joy in these relationships.  Therefore, I was often left feeling alone–the same feeling that I was trying to avoid. 

Eventually these relationships began to take a toll on my emotions.  In time, I realized in the real world, Prince Charming may be hiding secrets, or the loyal best friend may be stabbing you in the back.  I was ready to reclaim joy in my relationships.

Reclaiming Authentic Relationships

I chose to seek out different friends who had similar beliefs as me. My new friends are a joy to be around, and bring such richness into my life.  As a result, sharing my life with them has made my world feel like a familiarly fun, yet more diverse movie. 

You are precious, unique, and special.  Do your friends reflect these truths about you?  They should.  Certainly, the people you spend time with affect how you see yourself.  Surround yourself with people who lift you up, support you, and make your life joyous. The Pregnancy Resource Center of Athens County is here for you too.  To see our pledge to you, click here.

In conclusion, explore your relationships with these resources:

Caitlin Hunt is a Senior at Ohio University studying Journalism: News and Information.