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Abortion can affect every life it touches. For many women and men, the feelings associated with an abortion experience can come as a surprise and even long after the choice is made.

The PRC offers confidential one-on-one peer meetings by appointment - providing a safe,  non-judgmental environment where one can be honest about their abortion experience and the impact it may have had on their life.

Our program utilizes Changed: Making Sense of Your Own Abortion or a Loved One’s Abortion Experience by Michaelene Fredenburg. This book is for men and women.

Whether you have personally experienced abortion, someone close to you has, or you want to sensitively and compassionately communicate with others about abortion, this book is a great place to start.

Changed is set apart from politics, labels, and debate - conveying real, personal abortion experiences and offering interactive suggestions to those seeking  healing.

Has abortion changed you?

Do you find yourself feeling >>> 

>>> Sad
>>> Confused
>>> Numb
>>> Ambivalent
>>> Scared
>>> Nothing
>>> Angry
>>> Unsure 

After your abortion experience? 

Everyone’s situation is different. The Pregnancy Resource Center can help you address the feelings you may be having.   

Find Your Voice and Your Own Healing Pathway 

Changed, offers a variety of interactive experiences to safely and non-judgmentally: 

>>> Tell Your Story
>>> Build Support
>>> Explore Emotions
>>> Identify Losses
>>> Recognize Unhealthy Behaviors
>>> Begin Healing

 No matter what you are feeling…
                                                     ...You are not alone.   

According to a press release from the Guttmacher Institute, “abortion is a common experience for US women,” with about “one of four American women having an abortion by age 45.” 


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